A song written by someone.


First Verse

  • We love our King Seijou Taiyo
  • He shone our hearts like the morning sun
  • His Words intimate like a Fathers voice
  • He is the most precious King in the world that gave us a beautiful life
  • With bright dreams and ideals
  • We have been freed by him

Second Verse

  • We live with our beloved king
  • He leads every step of life to glory
  • He elates the breath of dignified life
  • He fuels the unquenchable fire of faith
  • Our hearts devoted to the revolution
  • Will Beat under Him

Third Verse

  • We defend our sacred King of the Empire
  • We will link strong pulse of life only to its bosom
  • He calls us to the future
  • When all our desire comes true
  • He shines like the sun
  • On the road of the single-minded unity
  • We will go generation after generation
  • To the end of the world following him