Haru Doi
Oracle of All Phantasm



One of the mantainers of this fanon, Haru Doi, known by his internet username "SeHakurei", is the self-insert of the user Gensomura.


An oracle of light who generally tries to keep balance between worlds and universe. He has created the GCBI universe with Juko. Haru did not know he'd have a harem of his own, however.

Story Role

First touch with Juko

Around 2015ish, Haru met Juko, who exclaimed to have Kokona Haruka from himself. Haru just dismissed him as another guy trying to steal his waifu.



Haru appears to be a serious boy with a sense of sarcasm, commenting in the situation a lot. He is also perverted and is aware of the patterns Juko has in the GCBI, so he mostly knows when a girl likes Seitekina or him. He's pretty self-aware about a lot of things, and tends to tease people. He is also very stoic and not so emotional.

Despite being perverted, Haru is quite hesistant to have sex with, getting very nervous and stuff.





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