Divine Prayers of Tanii is a nation led by a otherworldly version of Seitekina (more namely, Gensomura's Divine Prayer fanon), Katsuragi and Haru. It's supposed to be Gensomura's take on the GCBK.


  • Unlike GCBK, BDSM is completely legal (meaning bondage and whips are legal) as long it's consental. 
  • "Free Will slaves" are called Servants here.
  • The own nation's goddess is Okina Matara.
  • Seitekina's pratically the grandwizard of DPoT.
  • Katsuragi is also a grandwizard.
  • Haru is considered a Grandwizard too.

Story Role

In the GCBK

Somewhere during Oracle Balance - Divine Prayer, Haru discusses about his own varation of the GCBK because he was basically bored.

At some point, Haru randomly told Juko about it, who proceeded to make DPoT a puppet nation of GCBK.