Asuka Taiyo



  • Bisexual
Asuka is a fellow student of Kanjimura High, as well one of the many wifes of Seitekina. Also the goddess of Light and Romance.


  • Age: 17
  • Crush: Seijou "Seitekina" Taiyo (married), Iason Inabi (married), Haru Doi (married), Homura Taiyo, Katsuragi Taiyo (slave), Ikaruga Inabi (married)
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Other: Goddess of Light and Romance.


  • TBA

Role in the storyEdit

Canon to GCBEEdit

She and the other hanzo girls found themsleves in GCBE, and Asuka went to the Divine Butterfly place.

They meet the royals for the first time and ask why is everything so different. Seitekina says that "Entering the GCBE will result in change.". Katsuragi had groped Asuka from behind much to Asuka's shock and disgust. Seitekina appeared to not apporve of such reaction and looked at her directly.



She eventually became the Goddess of Romance and Light.


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